A name and a philosophy, that of Giovanni, who raised us, teaching us an entire way of life.

Abrigo Giovanni Azienda Agricola

Experience as a guarantee of quality

Experience stems from in-depth knowledge. We have been cultivating our vineyards for three generations and we have grown with them, following the pace dictated by nature. This guarantees that every decision behind each bottle has been carefully made.

Artisan know-how characterises our attention to every detail

We take full responsibility for the supervision of every single step, with each of us overseeing a specific part of the process, and together we take care of every detail.

Science and knowledge are behind every production phase

Our studies and extensive experience have led us to support rational agriculture and precision in the cellar. Every activity is carried out at just the right time, limiting intervention and letting the nature of each wine express itself to the full.

“Territorial sentinels”

This is the definition assigned by UNESCO to people who, like us, work in the Langhe and defend the vineyard landscape, as something absolutely unique, declared World Heritage in recognition of its exceptional rural and cultural features.

Abrigo Giovanni Azienda Agricola

Quality and sustainability

The geology and morphology of the Langhe make it perfectly suited to high-quality winegrowing and this is what we intend to pursue.
The family-run estate has always made every effort to minimise waste, recycling and reusing its raw materials. These are little touches and lessons taught to us by our grandparents and parents, which we intend to observe and improve, increasing sustainability and reducing the impact of our work on the environment.

Territorial interpretation of every single vineyard

Parcelling and separate vinification and ageing of the grapes from each vineyard are carried out to enhance their individual characteristics.