The hazelnut is another delicacy offered by our land to those with a passion for the finest foods. We have been growing hazelnuts in ten hectares of land on the hills of Diano d’Alba for over forty years. We manage every phase of the plant’s production from cultivation to harvesting and selection, from drying to storage and sale, mostly to specialised companies in the confectionery industry.

We reserve a small part of our hazelnuts for direct sale in our cellar to tourists or businesses (for Christmas gifts for example): our hazelnuts are available to purchase in their shells, shelled and roasted (also covered with dark chocolate). We also supply them to restaurants and small patisserie bakeries. Shelling, roasting and transformation into praline are outsourced to independent companies, who offer us a guaranteed result.

Abrigo Giovanni Azienda Agricola

Noccioleti Abrigo GiovanniCrack the shell and taste the Langhe!

Did you know that recent medical studies have shown that hazelnuts are very good for our health?
The Tonda Gentile delle Langhe hazelnut has also been acknowledged as the finest hazelnut in the world: its exceptional fragrance, excellent taste profile and high nutritional value make it the perfect ingredient to make every dish special.

Nutritional qualities of the hazelnut